Important Questions to Ask When Hiring Carpet Cleaners in Dublin

Carpet cleaning is one of the most active household cleaning industries in Dublin, Ireland. With a simple telephone or online inquiry, you can get a service as soon as possible. However, having a cleaning service to your home doesn’t guarantee quality result. There are many companies that offer different services in different prices and unfortunately, not all of them give superb outcome.

Conversely, there are carpet owners that have high expectation but ends up being discontented with the service. Therefore, cleaning providers and carpet owners should understand that a successful business relationship comes with effective communication.

Tips before getting dublin carpet cleaning service

As one of the pioneers of carpet cleaning in Dublin, we prioritize customer service which makes sure that every client is satisfied with their carpets’ neatness after every service.

In addition, we advice household owners to be wise consumers and never hesitate to ask questions even the oddest ones. Here are the important questions that you can ask in getting cleaning companies in Dublin.

What are your certifications and trainings?

A good cleaning company have technicians and cleaners who undergone trainings to ensure that they are equipped with proper knowledge about equipment handling especially during emergency situations. They also know the right cleaning procedures with every type of stain and materials.

We, at A-Team Cleaning and Restoration are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and members of British Damage Management Association (BDMA) which seeks to provide responsible and world-class cleaning and restoration standards.

What are the methods and equipment that you will use in carpet cleaning?

There are many types of cleaning processes from simple, vacuuming, dry cleaning and to steam cleaning just to name a few. You should inform the service provider about your carpets condition and in return, you should also be informed on how your carpets will be treated in order to give proper expectations.

Remember that improper treatment of sensitive materials may lead to further damage. There are cleaning instructions indicated in carpets as you purchase them and they can help in determining the right method to use during regular maintenance.

How much is my estimated bill?

Cleaning companies should give you estimated cost as you explain your carpet condition. Some may charge by room while some charge by carpet size. Nevertheless, ask for quotations so you will not be surprised on any additional charges.

How long will the cleaning process take?

Busy people often prioritize the cleaning time of the service providers. If your carpeting is in good condition, cleaning should not take the whole day especially if the cleaners are charging in hourly basis. On the other hand, thorough cleaning is needed for the carpets that have stubborn dirt and stains. Don’t anticipate that everything will be done for a couple of hours.

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