Our Cleaning and Restoration Services

Experts on carpet cleaning, restoration and drying systems for all kinds of water damage problems.

With our 24-hour emergency water damage response team, you can reach us all time at anytime of the day, even during midnight.

Our team will fix leaks, get rid of moulds and other damages which were brought by flood water. With our technically equipped and certified restoration team, we will make sure to prevent any further damage that will take place.

Giving out professional services for the past 20 years, we have seen the lightest and the worse carpet conditions. We take carpet cleaning as serious business and we uphold values as you give us your trust in taking care of your carpets.

We go deep down to the carpet fibers to remove stains and germs that threaten the lifespan of carpets. Our team gives value to your time and money so we make sure that you receive the best customer and carpet care as swift as possible.

There are still hope from the damages caused by water problems and flood. We diagnose household materials and furniture that can be salvaged.

There are also things that can be restored from the damaged valuables to prevent additional expense in replacing them which such as furnishings and personal mementos. We ensure to help you return to your normal life quicker and easier.

Moisture buildup can come from plants, pets, people, cooking, and infiltration of outdoor air which gives the house unpleasant odor. On the other hand, mold, bacteria and allergens inhabits in moist and humid environment which can bring health risk to your whole family.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to dehumidify your home once in awhile. Residential dehumidifiers filter the air and control the amount of humidity in your home bringing safer and more comfortable dwelling for your family.

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